Mobile Contactless Payments

Now you can leave your wallet at home, and pay with Visa on your mobile! All you need is the payment app on your smartphone and any contactless payment terminal. This is the next step in Visa’s contactless payment capability, now available in Singapore.

Pay With Security
Visa on your mobile uses the same contactless technology as Visa payWave and is protected by multiple levels of security just like a normal chip card. In addition, you can authenticate the transaction either with your fingerprint, a pattern or a PIN (depending on the mobile phone you have) when making purchases, providing an extra layer of security. What’s more, your card number is never shared with merchants when you make a purchase and it is not stored on your mobile phone, instead a unique digital code (a ‘token’) is used.

Pay With Speed
Simply place your phone close to any terminal that accepts contactless payments, just like you do with your Visa payWave enabled Debit or Credit card. Within seconds, you’ll see a payment confirmation on your device.

Pay With Ease
Stop carrying around a packed wallet. Now all you need is your smartphone. Visa on your mobile enables payment via mobile phones for purchases under $100, bringing more convenience to your life. It’s the perfect way to pay for small purchases, from your morning coffee to late night petrol pit stop.

Activate Visa On Your Mobile Today
There are a range of phones in Singapore currently enabled for mobile payments. Simply follow the below steps and you’re ready to pay with your phone!

How To Use Visa On Your Mobile

Get the app

Download the Android Pay or Samsung Pay app from Google Play store, or open the Wallet app on your iPhone.


Add your Visa card

It’s as simple as snapping a picture of your Visa card from the app.


Make a purchase

To activate the payment functionality, simply touch your phone to the contactless terminal and follow any prompts on the phone.


Where can I pay with Visa on my mobile?
You can use Visa on your mobile anywhere that accepts contactless payments.
Simply look for the Contactless Symbol on any point of sale terminal.

What if I lose my phone?
If your phone is lost or stolen, simply contact your bank and all transactions will be blocked instantly.

Can I store more than one card?
Yes, you can, just follow the instructions in the app to add another payment card.

Does my bank support mobile payments using a Visa card?
Please contact your bank to find out if they support mobile payments with Visa cards.

Is paying with Visa on my mobile secure?
When you enrol your Visa card for payments on your mobile, your payment card information (including the 16-digit account number found on the front of your Visa card) is substituted by Visa and your card issuer with a virtual account number that can be securely stored on your mobile device - and passed to merchants to process transactions you make with your phone. By creating a unique virtual account number for your payment information, your name and full card details are never shown in the app and never shared with the store.

When using Visa on your mobile, your phone does not need to leave your hand, which puts you in control of the transaction. You can also add an extra layer of security by activating your mobile passcode. 

Every transaction using Visa on your mobile is protected by multiple layers of security, just like any other Visa card transaction, such as real-time fraud monitoring - all transactions on mobile are processed through Visa’s global processing network, VisaNet, in exactly the same way traditional Visa cards are. Transactions are analysed in real-time and scored for their fraud potential. Visa is able to use a comprehensive view of the global payments system to identify fraud patterns and detect suspicious transactions right at the point of sale.

How does my phone transmit payment details?
Payment will be processed using the same technology used for Visa payWave - the Near Field Communication (NFC), which enables the device to securely and wirelessly interact with other devices, including payment terminals.

Your credit and debit card information are assigned a unique virtual account number that’s transmitted to the merchant instead of your Visa card number, so your full card details are not shared with your payment. Think of it as a digital stand-in for your payment information.

Can I use Visa on my mobile internationally?
You may use Visa on your mobile wherever Visa contactless payments are accepted.