Visa Affluent Study 2013

According to the writer Ernest Hemingway, his rival F Scott Fitzgerald once told him, “The rich are different from us.” To which Hemingway flippantly and famously replied, “Yes, they have more money.”

But not only is the story untrue – Hemingway made it up – it is unfair on the affluent. There is a lot more to them than that. How do they use their money? What are their priorities? Are they optimistic about the future? How much do they save? What are the differences between countries and cultures? The answers to these and many more questions will help governments, industries, planners – and banks – understand the motivations, fears and expectations of an important part of every society.

We asked the affluent in 10 countries if they planned to increase or decrease their discretionary spending overall and on specific items in the coming year. The higher the score over 100, the more they think they are going to spend.

This is what we found:

With a score of 113, affluent Singaporeans are cautiously optimistic. They are upbeat about the outlook for their own finances but less positive about that of Singapore and world economies.

Click the following links for Singapore survey details and All markets overview for headline results from the 10 countries.

Consumer Confidence
Affluent Singaporean consumer confidence
Discretionary Spending
What affluent Singaporeans spend their money on
What Affluence Means
Attitudes to affluence
What Luxury Means
Real luxury defined
Life Perceptions
Perceptions of life: what really matters
What Is Important
The big things in life
Current hobbies and interests
Going Abroad
Savings and spending
Who they are

All Markets Overview
Overview for 10 markets
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